10 tips for the email marketing approach

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Tips for Email Marketing

Email marketing is undoubtedly the most efficient tool when it comes to ROI. According to the recent researches return on investments when promoting goods and services with email marketing makes 41:1. This is twice as more than for any other online marketing method.

Marketers mostly know about that. However, not all webmasters know the truly useful tips to create an effective email campaign.

Make Sure Subscriber Is Fond of Getting Your Mails

Use the double opt-in subscription forms to assure that user is willing to subscribe to your newsletter. This is more the technical moment of leading an email marketing campaign developed to improve your deliverability rate, however, it remains important.

Develop SMART Goals

Before you launch a email marketing campaign make sure you have specified the goals properly. Ask yourself what is the purpose of your campaign. Are you willing to sell the product or service, do you want to invite users to the event?

Make sure your goals comply SMART approach (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound).

Personalize Your Letters

When you make the newsletter it is always better to make the reader feel like you are addressing him as a person, not as a one from the horde of other clients. Thus, you should at least put the name of your subscriber to the subject line.

Do Not Be Irritating

Apparently, the user in your mailing list has numerous subscriptions along with yours, so when he checks his inbox at the end of the day he gets many unread messages. Consider this when you create the newsletter - do not send spammy content, do not fail users’ expectations and send them only valuable content. Of course, that doesn’t mean you cannot notify them about special offers or important news.

Choose The Right Time to Send a Letter

According to the statistics the most popular days for sending the letters are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Consider sending your letters another days as user might get too much letters on Tue-Thur. Try Monday or Friday. It is better to send the newsletter in evening from 6 to 11 p.m.

Use Memes, Jokes and Emojis

People get more engaged when you cause the positive reactions and using humour is the best way to do this.

Just be careful with the formatting. Some of the ESPs are not fond of rich media content letters.

Choose The Conversation Style

80% of users stand on the position that the way you talk with them matters so conversation style you exploit matters, especially when it comes to the first letters you send. Analyze your audience thoroughly and work out your own linguistic formulas that can be applied to your readers and clients. However, if you choose informal style still do not use salty language - it disaffects 70% of readers.

Proofread Your Emails

80% of users negatively react on content with poor language and grammar mistakes. Make sure you pay attention to style uniformity and formatting of your letter. Never forget about the importance of subject line - make it catchy, but do not make it look spammy.

Use paragraphs, headings if necessary, try out different fonts and design of the letter.

Be Attentive to Your Customers’ Needs

Smart email marketer always finds the way to define the most interesting topics for his reader. You can create a poll asking what does the reader want to see i the next digest. React on complaints with the apologize letters.

One Call-to-Action per Letter

Each letter should have one specified goal, thus there shouldn’t be more than one call to action. Make your letters laconic. Reader has to understand in a moment what do you want him to do - buy a product, use a new service or order a test-drive.


Use these tips to improve your email marketing results. However, note that all your content improvement efforts are useless if you send your letters to the wrong email addresses.

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