5 Marketing Tasks You Must Automate ASAP

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Marketing Tasks You Must Automate ASAP

Marketing automation is on the rise like never before. It involves using different tools to automate repetitive marketing tasks like tracking customer engagement, sending welcome emails, new product launch emails and so on. If you are an emerging marketer looking to optimize your marketing operations, here is an undeniable list of tasks that you need to automate.

5 Marketing Tasks You Need To Automate ASAP


Email automation cannot be underestimated. There are a myriad of tools to help automate email tasks such as sending follow-ups, cart abandonment emails, newsletters and so on. Imagine the amount of time you could be saving, for instance, by automating your welcome email follow-ups instead of going through endless lists of clients and sending those emails manually. With email automation, you can simply send that first email and let the automation tool do the rest. You can also automate your new product launch email and set it up to be sent to a bunch of customers instantaneously.

By being a great helping tool on its own, automation also works great with email validation. You can integrate an email validation tool, like Mailcheck, into your email marketing routine and have your list of customers screened for invalid or fake emails. This tool helps you keep your email list clean and your sender score stable.

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Social media

If you are not yet automating your social media routine, you are not getting the most out of your social media marketing, and are actually losing a great deal of time which could have been allocated to more valuable tasks. The number one task to automate is your social media campaigns. You can schedule your social media posts to be published at a certain time for a certain audience or customise any other parameters. To manage your social media campaigns, you can use a tool like Radaar. It is an all-in-one social media management platform that frees you up from lots of manual tasks allowing you to effectively manage your social media campaigns.


In order to understand whether your marketing campaigns are worth the efforts, you need to see some return on investment. Gathering all data across multiple spreadsheets and trying to put them into a report to get some actionable insights is feasible but also time-consuming and no longer effective. There are many marketing tools that can automate the data collection and reporting and do the job for you. Hawke.ai in the present day is a marketing tool that analyses your digital marketing performance, goals, advertising budgets, and audience behaviour, so you can have quick and easy access to the most critical information and understand how well your marketing campaign is performing.

Split testing

The only way to know whether your campaign is effective or not is to test it. Split testing is an important step in every marketing campaign as it allows you to see what’s working and what’s not. With split testing, you can get a clear idea of which subject line prompts your subscribers to open your emails, or which email campaign layout generates higher click-through rate etc. In fact, research shows that simple subject lines get 541% more responses than creative ones (Marketing Sherpa). You will need to play around with your subject line or campaign to see what works best and what should be taken off the list. Split testing can be done using almost any digital marketing tool. For instance, SendFox is one of the tools that you could use for effective split testing.

Automating your split testing routine will save you a lot of time and provide you with valuable insights that you can use to grow your business.

Split testing

Marketing funnel

As a business owner and a marketer, in particular, you strive to turn the majority of your leads (if not all) into buying customers. Creating an effective marketing funnel is one way to achieve this goal, and if you mix in a bit of automation, the number of your customers is guaranteed to increase. For instance, you can check and try some services, that allows you to consolidate all your messaging channels into one platform, simplifying your customer communication routine. Other tools enable your customer data to be automatically pulled directly into your CRM making it much easier for you to keep track of your leads and make those sales.

Benefits of marketing automation

The benefits of marketing automation are obvious. It helps your business be more efficient as it automates many of your manually-performed tasks. It also allows you and your team to save time and money, and ensures your customers have the best experience with your business. Marketing automation allows you to grow your business without spending extra staffing costs.

Your marketing automation endeavours should start with devising a strategy. Understanding what part of your marketing routine could benefit from automation will help you take the first step on the way to optimising your marketing efforts.

The takeaways

In order to stay competitive in the 21st century, businesses have to keep up with the rapid pace of technology that engulfs the global economy. Marketing is one of the fields that is successfully and quickly adopting new technologies forcing businesses to adapt to the new changes. Automation is one of the ways to make sure your business keeps growing and stays ahead of the competition. And while some businesses are not yet ready to embrace the new technologies, others are already reaping the benefits of marketing automation.

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