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Email Marketing Campaign Guide

Email marketing is the cheapest and potentially profitable way to communicate with your audience. For example, Monitor company has calculated the expenditure/income for email marketing as 1:38. It is likely you do not mind getting such a ROI for your small business email marketing campaign. Thus, we decided to make this simple guide.

Write ‘alt’ and ‘title’ for Images

MarketingCharts agency has derived that usually we get up to 400 business emails per month. Letters that have images can help you catch more attention especially if you manage to take a good one which can cause an emotional reaction from the subscriber.

However, it is necessary to consider that almost the half of all letters are opened on the mobile devices. Although mobile devices provide faster response, small monitors not always are fit for proper image display. Thus, if the recipient opens letter only to see the blocked image he will barely be satisfied by your letter. The more often it happens, the harder it is going to be to make a positive reputation of you as a valuable sender.

Filling in ALT and TITLE tags can improve your conversion dramatically. Non-commerce organization WebAIM has pointed out that filled in ALT tag in the image provides more loyal attitude towards blocked images. Check whether the tag ALT is filled in your letters and make sure it reflects the content of the image.

Specify The Topic of Newsletter and Adhere It

Although you cannot know everything about your subscribers, you can definitely find out their reaction on the different kinds of content you send them. bring efforts to track the core email marketing metrics like open rate. Try to define the best time for sending the next letter and the best topics. Divide the recipients of the letters based on their interests to personalize your newsletter.

Internet Retailer agency has defined that Isotoner bookmaker company has increased their income from email marketing campaign on 7000% when they have enforced analysis on the basis of the previously sent letters.

Campaign Guide

Do not Ask too Much

Work with each segment of your subscribers so that each of them could get the most relevant and personalized content based on the previous actions and interests.

If user has already declined one of your offers make it all to formulate more attractive offer for him or give him a chance to estimate service for free during a trial period.

Build Relations with Your Clients

All letters of your company should be connected to each other and show that you know about client all based on his previous activity. However, do not make it look creepy to avoid calling opposite effect. Epsilon company has found out that if you send clients letters that are relevant to the previous ones the open rate increases on 75%. In case you cannot convince your subscribers open the letters you cannot convert them to clients even you have an outstanding service or offer.

Reputation and Mailing Services

In case you use a specialized service for sending newsletter you get a few points to your sender’s reputation in the eyes of the ESP. The higher is the deliverability rate, the more clients you can convert so services use addresses with the high IP rating which is supported by the majority of actions.

Poor Mailing List

It is better to have small mailing list containing the addresses of users that really want to get your newsletters than a huge base of barely real subscribers that did not confirm getting emails from you.

You can read about the way to keep your mailing list clean in our article. The main thing you need to know - immediately delete the user if you got the hard bounce for him and the user which has caused a soft bounce more than 3 time a month.

Poor Content

Make sure you make a proper proofread of the content you send. Your letters shouldn’t look spammy. Avoid stop-words, different-color fonts, excessive amount of exclamation marks. Check the links as ESPs doesn’t like broken links. They also do not like letters that contain nothing but a single image.

Make a Content Plan for Your Newsletter

Making a regular newsletter is a good way to make your users get used to reading your emails. Make an analysis of your subscriber base preferences and choose the best days to send them letters.


Although email marketing is a must-have for any small business for communication it still demands from you much efforts to make it personalized and profitable on the stage of building email marketing campaign. If you adhere the guide above it is going to be easy for you to get a magnificent ROI.

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