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Email Marketing Trends

Email marketing trends in 2019 have changed dramatically. However, some things remain unchanged. It is still important to provide high-quality content as users deal with a huge amount of content on a daily basis. One more thing that remains unchanged is the fact that the ROI of email marketing remains outstanding, and it is still the most efficient way to communicate with your clients online. Although we see that the approach to email marketing for small business has changed a little bit in 2019.

In the article we are going to disclose the trends that will take over in 2019. We also are going to define the techniques that do not work anymore. Get rid of them in future so that you can get more trust and reputability from your subscribers.

Full Newsletter Automation

It usually takes too much time from email marketers to prepare the newsletter. It also happens that email marketing campaigns are being held not regularly but occasionally. Automate the process using the newsletter service and you are going to cut your working hours dramatically.

Email marketing automation helps you to adopt your campaign under the needs and tastes of your subscribers and thus improve the quality of your newsletter. It is going to be much easier to hold an analysis of the information taken and make good decisions. It allows companies to customize the content for each of us considering one’s preferences. This is going to lead to increase of open rate, click rate and conversion rate.

Preparation of newsletters stops looking like a disaster and can turn into an easy task. For example, there should a series of welcome letters that is being created only once and then is launched automatically. Such an approach forms trust of the users and provides loyalty to your brand. You do not need to memorize the content strategy or which letter has to be sent next as everything is automated. It is very important for you as it all depends on the beginning of your conversation.

Mailing services have powerful tools to segmentate and personalize newsletters. Using those you can send clients content based on the analysis of their previous actions - you look what they’ve opened, links they have pressed, etc. Thus, without automation it is going to be hard for you to compete with other companies and keep your mailing on high level.

Deep Segmentation and Personalization

It always has been a good idea to conduct deep segmentation and personalization for your newsletter. However, it is more than a good idea - it is also possible thanks to the majority of the online tools provided by the email marketing automation tools. We have reviewed personalization in details in our previous article. Still here we will disclose the basic points to consider.

  • personalization can only be successful if you analyse the behaviour and preferences of your users
  • you also need to consider basic metrics like geo, sex, and age

For example, the Stitch Fix company has figured a good way to increase the open rate and engage users - they are publishing a short test to define the client’s opinion on the future fashion trends. Thus, clients are engaged and afterwards they get the relevant content.

Enforced Spam Control

The more time is passing the more it takes from the content creators to think over their strategies and approaches to content. Today the newsletters are much more valuable than the days before when we got tons of irrelevant content even from the good companies which just did not know how to make us engaged.

For now you need to bring even more efforts to get rid of spam in your mailings.

Email marketers already know that it is a bad idea to subscribe on a mailing someone who is not willing to as there are high chances the email will go the spam box which has a negative effect on the sender’s reputation. Thus, you need to make sure the user has made a clear confirm on subscription and profile the content you send to make it remain relevant and engaging.

Email Marketing Trends

Interaction and Gamification

Gamification is a fresh trend that can bring you outstanding results. Instead of the standard letters with the text content you can do something more, something that is not really spread out among the email marketers but surely will become soon - make your letters interactive and implement a couple of gamification features. Animation, games, and quizzes should become the part of your content marketing strategy.

Thus, in 2019 you need to use interactive elements in your mailings. This will lead to the increase in sales and attraction of new clients. This is also going to improve the acceptance of the emails among clients. However, the main key to success is to be moderate and use all the new features available in the right way.

If you start to include in each letter the excessive amount of media content it is going to be too much for the user and you are going to get negative effect. The thing is that after couple of such letters the user will become either tired of your emails or irritated by overloaded newsletter. It is better to make them a part of the content strategy, not its core.

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