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Email Verification Service

Email verification service is provided to ensure your letters reach inboxes of real customers. It helps you to increase the outcome from your email marketing campaigns as you get updated data on the actuality of your mailing list. Below you can find out all you need to know about email address verification.

Grounding to Email Address Verification

If you make sales with email marketing then getting actual information about the validity of your client’s email addresses is very important for your business. Of course, mostly on the moment of subscription to your newsletter or registration in your service, you have the valid email which belongs to your client. However, it is figured out that 22% of emails get deleted or abandoned yearly. Thus, without email verification service you cannot really define the efficiency of your email marketing campaign.

Why? The thing is that you get corrupted data on deliverability, conversion rate, and other metrics. Moreover, when bounce rate decreases you are at risk of getting sanctions from mailing service which may lead to the inability of your letter to get to the user’s inbox in future. Read how to increase deliverability of your mails. On the other hand, using email address verification service can let you avoid all of these problems.

Disclosing Email Verification Process

Email address verification consists of three stages:

  • email formatting and syntax check
  • domain confirmation
  • mailbox validation

It all takes seconds for the service to accomplish each stage, however, verification can take even several hours if you have a big mailing list. Below we will tell you more about each of the stages taken.

Email Formatting and Syntax Check

Some of the major email service providers have special requirements to the email addresses. For example, Yahoo email address should start with a character, not a number. Moreover, sometimes there can be mistakes in your mailing list (for example, an absence of the @ in the email address).

Thus in order, to make sure all of the emails in your base correspond to the approved syntax and formatting verification service provides a check. This is a zero level action which has to be done first.

Domain Confirmation

After the first step is completed it is time to check the validity of the DNS records for the specified domain name. Email verification service checks whether the mail exchange is able to accept letters.

Mailbox Validation

The last step of email address verification considers enforcement of SMTP protocol in order to validate the mailbox and make sure it exists and able to receive letters. The best services make it even without sending test letters.

It can take more time to complete all of the three stages if the email address belongs to the outdated mailing service or if there are busy servers.

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