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10 Abandoned Cart Hacks

Have some issues with cart abandonment on your website? Keep calm, everyone faced it. The statistics says, 80% of people abandon their shopping carts.

We can surely reflex on what is behind such a huge rate for various websites, where there are almost no exceptions. But let’s save that for another day. For a now, we need another approach, more proactive.

We can offer you 10 ways that will help to close deals successfully. Most of them and some good email verification service pay off in a big way. If you are site admin or company owner, just give it a try and it will push your conversions beyond all limits. Guaranteed!

Use a Progress Indicator

Everything these days is developing too dynamically. Customers are used to instant decisions, so they don’t like having to click through hundreds of pages to get to the finish line. You think that you’re done and yet another window opens up. It’s annoying and repels.

There is a good decision for that, just use a progress indicator at the top of the page. Then visitors will know exactly where they are at the moment.

Include Small Pictures of Each Cart Item on Checkout Pages

Planning your strategy to get the consumer all the way through completion of the order, you need to keep their passion during this process. When customers are acting off of impulse, this aspect really pays off. You have already worked on your marketing, your website design, so customers saw your product and added it to their cart.

Make sure all pictures are visible on your checkout page. In this way you’ll remind consumers of what they can get right now. This can be called one of the varieties of drip marketing.

Don’t Forget About The Navigation Between Cart and Shopping Linear

If you every tried shopping online, you’ve surely gone back and forth between looking at catalog and checking your cart. It doesn’t work if you have to go find your product of choice again if everything has to reload. Your website should be as simple as possible. Customize seamless navigation.

Provide Several Payment Options

Since you’re trying to earn money, it’s probably best to provide your customers with several ways to pay for their product. Choice is always an advantage. Surely you need the customary Visa and MasterCard options, but try to branch out of them. Consider adding Google Pay, PayPal, etc. Even cryptocurrency would be good. And don’t forget to provide them an easy way to log into these platforms. Loosing their place can be annoying as well.

Call to Actions are must

CTA are something we are familiar with when it comes to using email account validation tool and writing effective sales copy. But it is always left out of checkout pages and carts. It’s easy to explain. A lot of website owners think that an item in the cart means the deal is closed. This is not the case at all.

Short and simple Call to Actions will work just fine. Brevity is the soul of wit. It works as good as email validation verification services do.

Make Cart-Saving Simple & Easy

There is nothing worse about online shopping than spending time choosing the products, having to leave the laptop or to close phone, only to later come back and see that your shopping cart has been emptied and you need to start again. There are a lot of ways to save a situation. You can provide an appropriate button that does it, or you can use cookies with a prompt to let customers know why this feature is needed.

You can also use top email validation services and after that send your consumers follow-up with different subject lines, e.g. “There’s something in your cart…”. Your customers need to know they can just click a link and return to checkout.

One note on timing: It is advisable not to wait too long before you send them out. Some marketers prefer to send an email instantly after a cart is abandoned. Use email bounce checker and reach a wider audience.

Don’t Require a Login to Check Out

Recalling the annoying aspects of online shopping, another cart killer is requiring someone to sign up to log in to make a purchase. It is a waste of time. Just imagine — you’ve spent a lot of time choosing and now you need to register, check your e-mailbox, come back again and so on and so forth.

Always provide a guest checkout. You can ask for the consumer’s email at the end, because you still need it for direct or drip marketing later. And use some kind of web service to validate email address.

Be Aware About All Aspects of Delivering

One more infamous cart killer is the unexpected shipping charges. Your cart is ready, you’re going to check out and find that your purchase is going to be $15 more and you’ll have to wait about two weeks for the shipment. You will definitely lose your sale.

Always include all such costs upfront in the cart and make sure you offer the convenient delivery with specific delivery estimates. This is no less important than the best free email verifier.

Reduce Page Load Times

It doesn’t matter how good your site is if your page is taking too much time to load. Your customers don’t want to wait and they will end up avoiding such a nice experience. You can ask tech geeks to help you out with this task as well as install software to verify email addresses.

Set Up Auto Email Responders for Abandoned Carts

If you want to provide more intensive, offer a discount for carts and remind you customers that it can expire soon. You can verify emails addresses and send this message to specific people. Using the best bulk email verifier is key to keeping your database actual. Or you can set your site up with triggers, pop-up messages.


Despite all your effort, abandoned carts will still happen. Nothing personal, just stats. It will always be an issue for any e-commerce website. A multi-pronged approach will mitigate it and undoubtedly boost your sales in the long run. Good luck!

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