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It’s been 49 years since Ray Tomlinson has sent the very first email. Since that time, email remains the primary means of contact between a business and a client. According to the Marketing Insider Group, 59% of B2B marketers believe email is the most effective way to increase revenue. We all know that the advantages of email marketing are direct quick communication with potential customers, relatively low cost of implementation and automation, growth of targeted actions from subscribers and hence, loyalty to your brand, but little known fact is that proper email marketing involves no less competent and meticulous work with the subscribers base. Clean email lists, high deliverability, and a good sender reputation are benefits that you, as a mailing list sender, can win from validating subscriber lists.

Research Experian (USA) found:

  • over the past year, 61% of email marketing companies have faced the threat of their reputation as the sender of newsletters;
  • 35% of these companies’ mailings were spam.

There can be two reasons for this to happen. The first one is when you purchase a database of email addresses and start sending newsletters to it straight away. With a high degree of probability, some of these addresses will be inactive, abandoned or non-existent. The second reason is when you built a database of contacts yourself, perhaps for many years, but never once checked its correctness. It may result in having duplicate addresses, outdated emails, incorrectly specified names, etc.

Mailing to irrelevant addresses threatens you with sanctions from the mail services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and others. If they see that your letters were not opened or unsubscribed in large numbers, they may consider you as a spammer and restrict the delivery of your newsletter.

From 22% to 35% of subscribers abandon their email accounts every year. Your business is no exception. In the best-case scenario, mailing abandoned accounts will pour your money down the drain, and in the worst-case scenario, you get blacklisted and irreparably damage your reputation. So if your database is regularly updated and growing, clean it once every six months. If you have more than 500,000 subscribers, do it even more often.

To avoid the above mentioned, we advise you to work only with a validated list of contacts. If you are not sure of the correctness of the contacts, you can check them using Mailcheck.

Mailcheck: work only with validated contacts

Mailcheck uses state of the art algorithms to determine whether the email contact in your mailing list belongs to a real person. This helps to dramatically improve your conversion rates and will definitely optimize your email marketing budgets by ensuring that your newsletters will only be delivered to active email addresses, and hence, most likely will be opened.

Each mailing platform like Sendgrid or Mailchimp has its own tariff system: you pay either for the number of subscribers in the sheet or for the volume of emails sent. When you are serving the “dead load” and sending letters to those who do not even open them, you simply waste your hard-earned bucks.

Let’s take a closer look at how Mailcheck can contribute your email marketing hygiene, and hence, your profits.

Email database validation sounds like an extra step. The first thing that comes to mind is the necessity to export your mailing list, upload it to Mailcheck, launch validation and export the results. While it is true and you can use the service like that, Mailcheck offers 2 other options aimed at seamless integration with your email marketing funnel.

Automation is the core value of any digital service, Mailcheck is not an exception. With its API integration feature, Mailcheck allows validating your email database on the go as a part of your email marketing routine. This feature saves you from any extra steps that might be required by any other email validation service that exists on the market. If you are not tech savvy and your business mainly operates offline, Mailcheck experts will assist you with the installation. Once done, your email marketing routine will remain intact, but your email list will be validated each time you send out your newsletter campaign.

Email database validation seems like a good way to fix the mess in your current mailing list, but is it possible to prevent those emails from slipping into your base in the first place? 87% of interviewed email marketers claim that filtering the subscribers before they reach your database is the best way to reach your peak email marketing performance. With the Mailchecks single opt-in widget validation tool you can be sure that each subscription to your newsletter feed has a real person standing behind it. The way it works is simple, all you need to do is to integrate our widget`s code to your opt-in form and Mailcheck will do the rest of the work for you. Once done, you can be sure that you are only collecting email addresses of real users that are genuinely interested in your product or service.

Overall, it doesn’t matter if you rely on the third party databases or only to your opt-in users, Mailcheck will ensure that you only reach the audience that can be reached without wasting your money and risking your reputation.

Metrics that can be improved with Mailcheck

Let’s talk numbers. Which metrics can be improved with Mailcheck in your email marketing pipeline?

Email deliverability. How many letters reached the addressees? The average should be around 95-97%. Even if 1-2% of the letters get lost along the way, this signals about immediate email validation actions that need to be taken.

Open rate. How many letters from your campaign were actually opened? The average here is about 24%, but it may vary for different industries. If the open rate is low, it means that your email list is polluted with abandoned email accounts.

Unsubscribe rate. How many people have unsubscribed? A healthy rate is no more than 0.5%. If the indicator rises above 1%, you need to sound the alarm.

Email Marketing ROI. Return On Investment is a key metric that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing.

  • Marketers surveyed said their average ROI was 119%.
  • Among B2B marketers, return on investment is the highest: 127%.
  • Marketers of companies that send less than 100,000 letters per month rank ROI at 139%, while marketers of companies that send more than 100,000 letters give a low ROI of 94%.

The purity of your email list is the best way to pump up those ROI numbers since you are not wasting your budget on leads that will never see what you have to offer.

Clients are the fuel to any business. Like a sports car can be damaged if fueled with low quality petrol, your business can be harmed if it reaches the email lists of questionable quality. Mailcheck is definitely a service you want to be subscribed to if you are willing to sustain your email campaigns on the highest level.

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