Sendgrid Integration instructions

Mailcheck + SendGrid Integration instructions

Mailcheck + SendGrid Integration instructions

Step by step guide

Step 1

Go to and click “Connect”

sendgrid email verification integration

Step 2

Copy API key from your Sendgrid account - go to “Settings” in SendGrid and find “API Keys” hit “Create a key”

find api keys

hit create api key

Step 3

Name your API Key and choose the API Key Permissions

sendgrid API Key Permissions

Step 4

You can decide between “Full access” AND “Restricted access” if you selected “Full access” then it’s sufficient to click “Create & View” button

Step 5

Remember if you selected “Restricted Access” then follow the below schema: Please adjust only “Marketing” so it’s 100% highlighted with blue as in the below screenshot

choose access rights

Step 6

Don’t forget to copy your key - this action won’t be repeated

copy api key

Step 7

Go back to and add into the modal window API key and hit “Connect”

connect Mailchimp to Sendgrid

Step 8

If everything goes well, you’ll see three buttons

sendgrid integration buttons

Step 9

Hit the “Sendgrid” button

Step 10

Before choosing the lists, please pay attention to “Only new contacts”

  • For those who left the checkbox active - Mailcheck will be validating only NEW contacts, if it’s your first session, then nothing to worry about, it will validate all contacts. However. In case the new contacts were added right after the previous session and you still remain the checkbox “Only new contacts ”active” in this case the new emails will be checked ONLY
  • For those who left the checkbox inactive - and it’s your very first session, nothing will happen, however, in case it’s your repeated session, unticked checkbox means your new contacts + previously validated one will be processed

choosing validation option

Step 11

Hit “Process” to get it rolling

start email validation session

Step 12

As soon as you reach 100% your data will be sent to your SendGrid account

Step 13

To view the results per user please go to your SendGrid account and click “Marketing” choose “Contacts” in the dropdown and select the list that was validated by Mailcheck, click an email to open a detailed info

Sendgrid validation contact details

Sendgrid validation detailed info

Step 14

To filter data within the Sendgrid and then use it for emailing, it’s necessary to create a new list with a custom segment where the emails with “Mailcheck status” (Valid, Risky, Invalid) can be selected.


Create a segment within the existing list

filter validated data

The above screenshot shows the existing list with segments to trigger it, you have to click on “Kebab menu icon” (Vertical three dots) AND hit “Create a segment”

create list segments

Step 15

Name your segment

Step 16

Select which contact you would like to segment

Step 17

Here you must choose “Mailcheck status” OR “Mailcheck Score” I usually use both “Valid” AND “Risky” emails so I’ll add *Mailcheck Score

choose targeting

Step 18

Save segment and use the list for emailing/automation

Thank you!

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