Integromat Integration instructions

Step by step guide

Step 1

integromat email verification integration

Step 2

  • Click “Add to my inventory” and follow the instructions to “Sign up”.
  • Once signed up you can “Add to my inventory” our app and click “Start using Mailcheck”.

integromat enable email verification

Step 3

  • Choose the service you want to integrate with (Mailchimp, Google Sheet, ActiveCampaign, etc.)

integromat integration options

  • Once chosen click “Continue”.

I am going to use “Mailchimp” as an example, however, you can use any of the existing apps based on your preferences.

integromat mailchimp integration

Step 4

  • Click on the sign of Mailchimp or any other app you are using, and find “Get a list”
  • Now, set you your Mailchimp account

connect mailchimp to Integromat

  • Follow the next steps to authorize your Mailchimp account

Step 5

  • Once authorized, deactivate “Map”

email list choose in Integromat

  • Select your List (usually named under the name of the audience)

Step 6

  • Add another module

connect Mailcheck to Integromat

  • Find Mailcheck to connect with the previous module

choose api method in Integromat

  • Click on ”+” and type “Mailcheck”
  • Choose “Single Email check”

validate email in Integromat

Step 7

  • Click on “Add”
  • Go to your Mailcheck account and click “API” from the Top menu

api key for email validation

validate email in integromat

  • Copy your API KEY and get back to Integromat to paste it

Step 8

Email from the modal window

  • Choose “Email from the modal window”

update segment

  • And now we want to update our segment pasting “Mailcheck Trust rate” to define the validity of the email

Step 9

  • Adding another Mailchimp Module

connect Mailchimp to Integromat

  • We need to choose “Mailchimp” again
  • And from the Modal window “Add/Update subscriber”

Step 10

  • Choose your list from the dropdown menu and make sure “Map” disabled
  • Choose on the “email address field “Email address” however, make sure the Map is “ENABLED”

update map option

Step 11

  • Set tag
  • Choose “trust rate” from the modal window option

email trust rate in Integromat

Step 12

  • Run once

run email validation in Integromat

And your integration is fully working now. If you can’t make it work, please reach out at

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