Integration Guide

Guide on how to integrate Mailcheck using

Step 1

  • Click “Connect”

make email verification integration

Step 2

  • Choose “Install”

make enable email verification

Step 3

  • Checkbox “My Organization” and click Install

make integration options

Step 4

make mailchimp integration

Step 5

connect mailchimp to make

Step 6

email list choose in make

Step 7

connect Mailcheck to make

Step 8

validate email in make

Step 9

validate email in make

Step 10

api key for email validation

Step 11

validate email in make

Step 12

Email from the modal window

Step 13

update segment

Step 14

connect Mailchimp to make

Step 15

update map option

Step 16

email trust rate in make

Step 17

run email validation in make

Step 18

create a connection

Step 19

enter the key name

Step 20

create API key

Step 21

copy key

Step 22

create a connection

Step 23

get a list

Step 24


Step 25


Step 26

update a list

Step 27

mailchimp connection

Step 28

choose list id

Step 29

choose email

Step 30

run once

Step 31


Step 32

  • Open your Mailchimp account to view the results.

Open your Mailchimp account

Step 33

  • It’s one of the examples of the usage between (Mailchimp+Mailcheck) and you can generate the same with other apps.


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