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It’s true: about 43% of the 1006 participants in a Yes Marketing study chose email as a preferred channel for communication with brands. No doubt that social media, videos, text messages are also essential marketing mediums, but email is the dominant one, with the best results. How can you leverage that? Let’s take a closer look at the statistics and then we’ll shore some interesting writing tips.

Write consumers, because they prefer mails

If you were not sure about starting a drip campaign, an email list or writing the people, who’ve already joined it, we know how to change your mind. Just read this article!

Almost half of people that participated in Yes Marketing study consider email to be their preferred channel when it comes to interacting with brands. The second one is display advertising, about 17% said they like it, and only 14% like text messages. All these options were ahead of social media, which only received 10%. People consider social media to be their private space, so you need to be their best friend to get there. How to leverage this stats and to receive more clients with less budget?

Bet on active audience and provide some ways to unsubscribe

You need to know, that open-rates sometimes mean nothing. People can don’t open your emails, but they still keep an eye on what you send. We’re sure you do the same - just scan the object lines and decide whether you want to read that. Why don’t your customers unsubscribe if they’re not interested in messages and even don’t bother to read them? Maybe they’re expecting a nice birthday gift or a sale. Or they don’t know how to find the “unsubscribe” button in your letter. Make sure that it is noticeable, as it’s better to get rid of such dormant accounts who don’t want to interact with you. You can use mail validation service for this task as well.

Email Subject lines matter

What really determines your deliverability and your open rates - is how clean your database it. If email delivery verification isn’t a part of your marketing strategy yet, your list may be risky. Outdated database can really harm you and your email campaign. When fake and dormant addresses get on your list, less real customers will get your messages. As your bounce rate increases, your sender’s reputation gets ruined and Internet Service Providers stop delivering your messages even to the valid email addresses. What do you need to do - is not to allow your list to be clogged by spam traps, bots etc. They increase your risk of getting blacklisted. Once mail lists verifier cleans your list, think about your subject lines. We can compare it to newspaper headlines. People might just glance at them and make a decision if they’re interested.

We can offer you several important tips to use when writing your subject lines:

1. Be concise and consistent - more than half of customers check their messages on their smartphone. That’s why subject lines with more than 50 symbols won’t feet on a screen. Subject lines between 1 and 20 characters have higher open rates;

2. Let the subject line reflect your content - don’t use clickbait and other methods that will disappoint your audience on the content side;

3. Use personalization - if you verify email addresses, you might have such people in your list, who really love your products, services or content. They’d really appreciate if you show it’s mutual. Use personalization tokens, call them by name to keep them in touch. Prospects who feel closer to the brand, become the most loyal customers;

4. Clarify over everything. Before pushing “Send” ask your friend and colleagues for some feedback. Do they understand you subject line? Is there a second meaning? Does your message convey the right idea? Being vague, you will only confuse your audience;

5. Don’t use patterns. Yes, we’ve said that shorter subject lines are better, but what if you really need to go for longer version? Don’t always stick to some rules, be flexible;

6. Remember 2 essential missions of your subject lines. They have to inform and to make customers curios;

7. Check your grammar. Not only once or even twice, triple-check is must. And it’s better to ask someone to do that, because typos always happen and you can miss them;

8. Don’t forget about call-to-actions. Why should people visit your website or make purchases if you haven’t even asked them to?

It’s better to test your email with a group of people. At least five. Their feedback will help you to consider essential stuff and don’t miss anything really valuable.


Get rid of dormant accounts by email verification and create a decent content by using the best marketing practises. Remember, people love receiving your emails, don’t disappoint them!

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