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Nowadays all industries are ever-changing and it is very important to stay up-to-date. Especially when it goes about email marketing. If you’re not keeping abreast of the trends that come to go, you’re out of market, out of competition. It is a terrible feeling that you have missed on something, haven’t done all possible to capitalize on the power of your email list. Ok, you’re using email validation tool (if you are), but is it enough?

Don’t think that it’s obligatory to follow all the modern trends and forget about your individuality. It’s important to find your own face, your own voice, practices that work for you. Considering them, you’ll succeed, and we are here to inspire you!

Grow your list with a lead magnet

Lead magnets are often considered to be outdated, but this opinion can be confusing. Almost all websites you visit offer an incentive in exchange for your email address. Have you signed up, and if yes, how often? We probably do it in 40% of cases, because they’re always something interesting, and they know how to catch our attention. Especially if their cheat sheet or a live webinar are about drip campaign.

You need to create original content, your audience is interested in. Of course, it takes time and effort, but they are bound to pay off. However, pay attention to addresses that sign up on your list. A lot of people use temporary addresses that can harm your statistics without any positive result. You need to get rid of such “customers” as they don’t want to set any kind of relationships with your company. Let email validation web services clean your list and take care about your email hygiene.

Work on your subject lines

It’s a proven fact: half of your subscribers decide to open an email if they’re interested in its subject line. It’s the first thing they pay attention to in their inbox, so you need to consider it before sending. If you’re not sure you have enough good ideas for your subject line, we can offer a simple exercise. Just sit and write down all options that come to mind. Some of them, especially first ones, are going to be extremely bad, but it isn’t the thing you should worry about. You need only couple of them and eventually you’ll find the best options.

There is one more way that can help you to determine the good subject line. Run A\B tests and rely on statistics After you send out several messages, you’ll know the success formula. When using email hygiene services, email marketing is all about testing.

Use email marketing to build a community

Invest some time in thinking: what is the ultimate goal of your email strategy? Are you striving to grow your email list, or to increase rates, or to boost sales? Nothing from this list if going to happen if you’re not on the same wave with your audience.

The first thing you need to complete and constantly develop - is a relationship with subscribers. It’s very important to be curious about them, to gather statistic info - who are they, how old are they, where are they living and what needs do they have. Even if you already have an efficient CRM system, there’s always more to learn about your audience. It can surprise you, even when you find the behavior of your customers pretty predictable.

Send your subscribers a questions and make sure someone on your times responds them back. Communicate with the, share your stories, ideas, ask to leave feedback and offer some incentives. People love to feel they’re engaged and you can give them that feeling.

Get rid of bad contacts

We bet you feel extremely happy when you get a couple of new subscribers. Every single prospect that join your list is an additional reminder that you’re moving in the correct way, that you’ve chosen the right direction. However, don’t forget to validate that new prospect, as it may be bot or another type of bad email address. If you decide to write them anyway, they bounce and it causes the drop of your sender score. Use email validation tool and it will tell you which addresses are catch-all. Bet on quality, not quantity, this rule always works.

Be consistent

Surely you are easy-going, fun and creative. Share it with your friends, but don’t rely on these features in your email marketing! We’re not about copy, but about your schedule and email strategy. Don’t think email address verification is enough, you need to have a strict plan and follow it. And it’s impossible without determined metrics, set goals and marketing budget. You can’t invent new subject lines each single day, just before you send an email. Write them in advance and then analyze the result they bring to the table. If they don’t work, review them, but don’t do this recklessly.


Have fun! Email marketing is an interesting journey, full of insights and experience. Leverage all opportunities on your way and you’ll surely succeed!

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