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Email remains a powerful tool for attracting new customers and keeping old customers loyal. The number of daily sent and received emails reached a fabulous 333.2 billion in 2022. Just imagine how effectively you can boost your business today by incorporating the right email strategy. However, you need to continuously adapt to the times and opt for the most effective strategy to give a more significant boost to your email campaigns. So what may help kickstart this year? Here are some ideas to experiment with.

Focus on impactful metrics.

Do not underestimate the importance of click rates and conversions. Measuring your performance will show you how well you stand out from competitors and enable you to identify and strengthen weak areas. After all, it is the purpose of the game. You should always know what content leads to higher open rates and better conversion. The main step to achieving satisfying figures is to improve your email deliverability – so be selective with your mailing lists. First of all, make sure you are using only real addresses. It can be effectively checked via an email verification service like Mailcheck and others.

You should still review these at least every six months and retain only those recipients that are more likely to open your emails. But before discarding inactive subscribers, try one last time to get them to cooperate - use a targeted email asking if they are still interested in receiving information from you. And do not be tempted by the idea to buy a ready mailing list – it is much more effective to build your own database through the subscription form on your site or with the help of other lead generation tactics.

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Keep spam at bay.

It is estimated that spam emails reach 280 billion messages a day. The main task of the email marketer is to avoid contributing to these figures. The first rule is to obtain the customer’s consent to receive your mail. Otherwise, it can lead to violations of data privacy rules such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CAN-SPAM. Another important thing is to carefully consider the instruments you use for a campaign to reduce the email bounce rate. There are three main approaches:

  • The use of your own script. There are plenty of instruments that will help collect and validate list of email addresses. However, it is crucial to use only legal services. It is strictly prohibited to parse other people’s sites by finding lists of user addresses in them.
  • Direct mailing from your mailbox. This method is rather archaic and has its restrictions and a number of inconveniences. The manual mailing will work only for small commercial projects with a very limited client base.
  • The use of an automated service. This option, combined with AI, can bring the best results and give an immediate boost to your performance metrics.

Deliver engaging and plain texts.

Every user receives 120 emails per day on average. It is more than enough for your message to be lost in the flow. To make the addressee read it, your mail should be incentivizing. So content and creativity are the key points here. First of all, try to make your offer exclusive as people value scarce things. Do not forget to add personalization for the recipient to feel more involved. Add eye-catching headers, play with numbers, intrigue a reader with a subject line and convey a sense of urgency – these little things work as triggers for the customers. At the same time, always remember that quality works better than quantity. It is better to opt for a shorter text and present voluminous information via interactive content. By the way, visual creatives can boost your CTR level (click-through rate) by up to 96%.

Add CTA and Unsubscribe buttons.

The goal of your email should not be just restricted to just being opened. You need some feedback or action. So do not hesitate to include the CTA button in your text. Sometimes, marketers shape CTA into a link that does not bring the expected result as customers mistakenly treat the links for more texts or ignore them as these often malfunction. So, make it a separate and well-visible button. Do not forget to give your customers an opt-out mechanism, no matter how upsetting it may be for you to see unsubscribe rates. Users may have lost interest in your content or your business, and you should let them go. One of the best email marketing practices is to place the unsubscribe button or link in a visible place so that a user can easily unsubscribe from the mailing list. If you decide to ignore this step, your chances of being added to SPAM will dramatically multiply.

Implement AI and chatbots.

Automation of your digital marketing strategy will make it more efficient and effective in 2022. Neural networks will easily set up a mailing mechanism and conduct more accurate analytics and database segmentation. The more precisely the indicators and selection criteria are determined, the more effective the mailing is. It is unlikely for a live mailing manager to study the behavior of all participants in the database, verify email and adjust the email strategy. But artificial intelligence will do it efficiently and quickly. It is vital to understand that email marketing is no more a one-way form of communication with your customer. You should reframe the mindset and encourage the customer to interact. Here, the use of chatbots is priceless. They will collect and subscribe a loyal audience, process incoming requests and generate responses, analyze the users’ behavior and provide them with the most appropriate offers. You may mistakenly think that the integration of an AI text robot in your email campaign is extremely difficult and costly. However, most often, this issue is resolved by choosing a convenient service where you can create a chatbot with no code and without confusing mind maps. Planning an email campaign is not a science but an art. It means you should constantly monitor and enhance your strategies for the best results. In this article, only a few meaningful aspects were touched on; there are many other mechanisms to consider. You should continuously experiment with the latest tools and ideas to build a solid and fruitful interaction between a brand and a customer.

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