Email marketing for small business tips

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Email Marketing Tips

Launching newsletter for small business is a good way to get in touch with potential clients and increase sales. It is also a proper tool to increase loyalty to brand. Regular communication with clients is the only way for the small business to personalize offers and win in a daily struggle with large companies.

One more advantage of the email marketing for the small business is the fact it is very cost-effective. You do not need to make large investments to run a company and in the meantime the outcome can be terrific. However, this all is possible if only you make it right. In case you run poor newsletter you are going to get decrease of reputation in eyes of your clients.

In this article we are going to disclose the main tips on email marketing applicable for small business. We will give you a clue on how to use email marketing features for your good.

How Small Business Can Increase Profitability of Newsletter?

Big brands with huge advertising budgets always make experiments with the various options to make better marketing strategies. Small business cannot try something new all the times due to the deficit of resources. In order to increase chances of getting a long-term improvement in sales for you small business it is better to make local tasks.

Make Subscription Easy

Although it sounds obvious, there are many companies that still do not have a subscription form on a website. Another mistake you can often see on the company website is a subscription form with too many fields to fill. People need quick and easy subscription in the right place. It should take minimum efforts from the user to subscribe. In case it won’t be comfortable for a user to subscribe to a newsletter you are the only person to lose as it is going to bring you to the losses.

How to make the subscription process easy:

  • Place call-to-actions in your blog and social media pages
  • Cut the fields in the form to minimum. Leave there name and email field only. This will bring you to the sufficient increase in subscriptions. If you really need more info about the user still do not make too many fields in the subscription form - you can get all the info you need from the user later after he estimates the value of your company.
  • Place in the letter social and email buttons to make it easier for users to contact you in case they want to.
  • The best way to attract new subscribers is to make special offers and presents.

It should all be easy and intuitive for user no matter whether you are making subscription forms or CTA buttons.

Make Clear Offers

No one wants to get spam on their emails. You too do not want to send spam emails because it is very bad for your sender reputation. In our article you can read how to make efficient mailings and in the meantime keep a good reputation in the eyes of the ESPs.

It is ideal to make valuable and engaging content for your newsletters. Of course, valuable content can be mixed with your ads and product promotion.

It is important for clients to know about the content of the newsletter before they get subscribed to it. As a matter of a fact it will lead to decrease of unsubscriptions and spam reports if you do not cope to deal with that.

Always make sure you inform clients in details what are they subscribing. For example, if you are going to make a newsletter dedicated to special offers of your company, point that out on the subscription page. However, if you misinform clients on the content of the newsletter you are going to get negative reaction, your mails will go to spam box.

Promotion Issues

Although above-grounded advertising and selling letters usually do not get high opening rates and many clicks, those can be useful for company to attract more visitors on a website if you do it in a right way.

Researches show that the majority of users want to get updates on discounts and special offers from the companies. 64% users claimed that they prefer to get such offers on emails. Most of the people are irritated when they get such offers via SMS or messengers as they seem to be haunting.

Such special offers and discounts can become sales drivers for your business. Sending such newsletters is one of the most cost-efficient ways to inform your clients. It is much cheaper to use mailings that any other channels. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be the only channel.

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Where to Get Mailing Base?

There is one thing you definitely shouldn’t do - do not buy it. It is a very bad idea to purchase or exchange email bases, we have grounded this in our article. The best way is to collect them on your own by getting subscriptions from your current clients.

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