Email Marketing Mistakes

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Without any doubts, your business needs an efficient email marketing strategy. And sometimes finding it may feel like an extremely difficult tools. Even when you rely on the proven practices or use the best email validation web services, you can’t be sure it is the thing your clients are waiting for.

However, there are some predictable important things, such as unique content, sweet up-to-dated design and a CTA that convince you to make the purchase ASAP. Make sure you focus on these email marketing parts, because not considering them is a huge mistake. One from that a lot of marketers keep repeating.

In the recent email survey, organized by Adobe, we spotted a very interesting detail. This study shows, that about 10% of recipients really mention when there is any call to action or “Buy button” in the email. And they feel disappointed because of that. Are you asking yourself how is it possible? It is the marketing email! A “Buy” button or another CTA is MUST! We asked ourselves, too. That’s an astounding mistake, and we think it’s worth sharing.

The survey tries to understand subscribers behavior, and the facts it reveals are inspiring, to say the least. There is a lot we can learn from it, so let’s start.

Not building your own database

First of all, you need to have some people you will write to. Start with a list with your actual audience and grow from there. There a lot of ways how you can find new subscribers: you can offer to sign up for your newsletter on your website, use the CTA button on social media, to import contacts from Linkedin and similar sources.

In no case do not buy an email list, it will harm your reputation and totally doesn’t worth the efforts. Just imagine, a lot of people will receive your emails without any idea who you are. Most likely they will delete them or even put into Spam folder. That’s’ why you need to verify emails addresses and to build your own database with soulmates only.

The joke without the punch line

How do you think, where does your email marketing strategy begin? Using an email hygiene services is crucial for your letter to reach your repeat customers and prospects in the first place.

The next point is your subject line. It is the thing that defines will people open your message or will prefer to ignore it, or even delete. Your content does also matter. Make it customized to your target audience, useful and inspiring. Also, you need to end it with a persuasive, but not intrusive CTA that responds to customer’s desire to buy your offer. As we’ve already told, when people don’t have that opportunity, they get irritated.

That’s why missing a call-to-action is a big mistake and you can pay the high price for it. Your prospects might never return to that letter, in fact they may even unsubscribe from your newsletters

Relying on quantity

At the start of any business, it’s owner and marketers are extremely happy with each new subscriber. But the farther, the more it becomes clear that the quantity is not the point. You may have a list with a dozen thousands of subscribers, but only a few of them bring you money. That’s the biggest problem of newbies - they rely on quantity, not quality. And this mistake can be crucial.

How to avoid dormant accounts, that don’t interact with your company, don’t even bother to read your emails? Just use email validation tool and it will make your list clean. Email hygiene services are necessary nowadays.

Not paying attention

Returning to the Adobe study, third of its participants told they feel the lack of personalized offers from the brands they follow. They are interacting with companies, they read their newsletters and attend their events. The only thing they need to feel engaged - is personalization.

Surely it takes effort to perfect. You need something more than email verification to tackle this issue. Special marketing tools and tactics will help you to identify your customers’ preferences. While fine-tuning your communication, invest your resources and time in personalization. It definitely worth it! People-based marketing is the point that will take your drip campaign to the next level.

Other mistakes we can add to these list:

  • not using any AB test to find the best type of copy and design;
  • sending emails to a messy list, instead of check email list valid and install an email validation API on sign up forms;
  • creating messages that don’t adopted for mobile screens;
  • over-selling copy, instead of message that resonates with your subscribers.

Have you made one of some mistakes from this list? It’s ok, everyone had. Just try to correct them and to leverage this experience to your benefit. And you can surely share it with your customers in the newslist! They would appreciate your honesty!

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