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How many commercial emails do you receive every day? And how many of them do you really read and respond to? Try to analyze: what is the reason for such an amount. How many of these letters are personal or are customized to fit your interests and needs? Although marketers talks so much about mail verification and personalization, not all of them manage to establish communication with this approach. Surely, this job isn’t easy, but people want to be noticed and you should do it to succeed.

We’ve gathered 7 main stats that reflect the current consumers-marketers relationship.

Some email statistics data

The numbers speak for themselves:

  1. Properly matched subject lines can increase open rates by a quarter;
  2. Targeted emails sent to responsibly segmented audience generate almost 60% of all revenue. You can use email validation service and it will enhance your list by adding missing info about your prospects!
  3. Personalized messages and email hygiene services are the reason of 6x higher transactional rates. The first one will help you to establish contacts, the second one will help you make sure your emails get in the inbox;
  4. More than a half of customers say that they will more likely search for another place to shop when the level of communication does not suit them.
  5. Personalized messages generate you an average ROI of 120%.
  6. About 57% clients of email verification services have achieved better visitor engagement. Email delivery verification will help you to ensure that you’re reaching genuine prospects!
  7. A third of respondents say personalization is a next trend. It’s impossible without email validation software.

Let’s take a look at the fifth edition of Salesforce’s State of Marketing report, 2021. It is based on a survey of more than 4 thousand customers across the world.

According to it:

  • Almost 80% of all customers, say the products&services a company offers are valuable only in conjunction with the experience it provides.
  • half of the respondents say they will continue their cooperation with a company that has offered them special conditions;
  • 84% say they would like being treated not like a number, but like a person, individuality.
  • 79% of consumers tend do contextualized engagement. People want to share their private data in exchange for personalized offers.

You may think people are closed when it comes to sharing their data. Although, they are waiting for better offers and are more open in exchange for it. Many of them are looking forward to receiving this type of communication from you. Use the information you get from them wisely and make sure you have such offers. Personalization along with the bulk email validation service can affect your sales. Cold mailing is a thing of the past. They annoy, cause rejection and the desire to send your message to spam.

Top channels marketers use nowadays

We picked up the statistics about this type of communication as well. Here are the top channels marketers use nowadays:

  • website: 80%
  • email marketing after email bounce test: 74%;
  • display banners ads: 64%;
  • social advertising 65%;
  • social publishing: 62%.

54% of professionals say that they use video advertising and about 35% of them are going to use it in the next year.

Over 70% of marketers use emails to communicate with their prospects and loyal customers. These may be welcome letters, new arrival notifications, promotional offers, satisfaction surveys, just a newsletter. Through properly developed strategy, consistent and valuable messages, you can stay on top of your audience’s mind, educate your readers on the topics that matter most to them and show your appreciation by letting them know about special promotions. Don’t forget about email address list verification just in case. Studies have shown that relevant messages help generate even more sales than social media giants Facebook&Twitter. Use these tricks to achieve success.

  • test every subject line before delivery;
  • use a real person’s name in the sender field;
  • add a PS if you need extra links;
  • avoid Generic Templates;
  • verify mailing list.
  • make your copy skimmable;
  • use mobile-friendly design;
  • manage your schedule on a calendar;
  • include a signup link in personal emails.

You need to interact with your target audience. Every prospect on your list is different, which is why it would be a mistake to send them the same email message. Focus on the recipient and you will reach almost 20 times more revenue when compared to general emails. So taking a targeted approach definitely makes a difference. Since you get contacts from different sources, you need to check them. Use email validation software and your efforts will pay off.


Rely on statistics if you are in any doubt. The tips we have discussed above may seem simple at first, but they are really necessary. They will help you in improving your email marketing, drip campaigns. Remember, they will turn profitable only if you take care of the details. They make up the big picture.

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