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In the previous article, we discussed what email API is, reviewed the email API mechanism, analyzed a couple of examples of email API application as well as discussed the benefits of using email API. Click here to find out more.

We have established that having an email API integrated into your website or app provides automation of many processes such as generating password reset emails, notification emails, and sending mass marketing campaigns through third-party platforms. Email API is also extensively used in sending automatic email notifications such as those related to social media use (likes, comments, follow requests, etc.). Email API has multiple use, however, one and probably most important feature is that an integrated email API ensures a clean email database. Lots of businesses may, however, underestimate the potential of email API. A long-established business knows that having an email API saves a lot of such precious time and ensures smoothly run email campaigns.

Automatic bulk verification keeps the email list clean

According to Mailchimp, an average email open rate is 21.33%. This means that out of all emails you may have in your database, only 21% on average opens emails your business sends to them. Sounds like a lot of work for such a small return? The good news is that email validation API can ease it off a little by taking care of a part of your headache. Email validation API will ensure that your email database consists of only real emails and that your emails will be sent to real leads only, thus increasing your open and click-through rates. Email validation API essentially validates emails by screening your email database and filtering out all fake, invalid, “catch-all” emails, keeping your email list clean, and consisting of prospective clients only.

These days, the internet is flooded with online shops, all of them are direct and indirect competitors to you. You might have a super-duper product to sell that will solve all your customer’s problems and bring them joy. But this is only a drop in the ocean out of all that you must put into your business. The behind-the-scenes things like marketing strategies, brand awareness, a smooth-running website, reliable payment gateway, and many more must constitute the majority in your business plan.

Have you ever tried to buy something online, went through most of the checkout steps, and then abandoned it because you found the checkout to be too tedious? If you ever found yourself in a similar situation, your customers have too. Easy and smooth checkout, easy signup, and order placing process as well as many other aspects are a part of pleasant user experience, and email validation API has a part to play in it.

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EMAILS CHECK API saves your resources

First and foremost, email validation will save you and your customers a lot of time. You probably came across websites that would tell you if you entered a wrong email address when you tried to sign up. This is where email API is employed. Now, imagine your website has no such feature. Your customer makes a mistake in his/her email address or a shipping address without noticing it, places an order, and the entire order tracking process goes downhill, resulting in your customer not getting his/her order and you having to spend time on figuring this out. Sounds like a loss, doesn’t it? An integrated email API will detect such mistakes at the point of placing the order or sign up and will make sure your customers enter only valid details before your system accepts the order and initiates shipping. You will also save costs of re-assigning jobs for staff, wasted postage, and other resources.

Another huge advantage of real-time email verification is that you can also catch user typos from the point of signing up and prompt the user to fix them before completing the registration. This ensures that only real email addresses get registered and increases the number of potential customers.

Email validation API is a completely automated process and doesn’t require any manual handling. It is an integrated feature your customers may not even guess about. However, it creates an overall positive experience when your customers are interacting with your website. If customers have good shopping experience, not only they will come back, they will also spread the word about you. These are small elements of any business that clump up to improve your brand loyalty and nurture the customer relationship, which in turn increases sales.

You could potentially manage your business without an email validation API. However, using email validation API not only shows that you care about your customer, but it is also an indicator that you keep up with the latest technologies and are contemporary with the way you run your business.

There’s a number of email validation providers, but Mailcheck is the one that surely stands out. Email verification API from Mailcheck will provide you real-time email address verification by integrating the API directly with your application, websites, or sign-up forms so that each time a user registers, their emails are automatically verified and validated. One of the remarkable features is that aside from doing a bulk email validation, you can install Mailcheck API on your website and check email addresses at the point of registration - something that your customers will notice and approve.

While email validation API may seem like a minor thing, it will substantially ease your job and will allow you to spend your time on other more important tasks.

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