How to keep your emails away from the spam

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Email marketing is an essential part of your strategy. But sometimes it doesn’t make a sense to create an outstanding copy, promising subject line, to offer discounts and promotions. There is about a 20% chance your message will land into junk folder. Yes, despite all your best rates. Your letter could be blocked of even going to junk. If the problem was only that customers would not see the email! It is very dangerous for your open rates and revenue.

2021 Deliverability Benchmark showed, that emails reached the inbox an average of 83% of the time, while the global average is 85%. You might consider that 15% don’t matter, but they do. Messages can just miss or be banned. We’re going to focus on that part, that spoils your stats getting into spam.


Keep your email list clean

Only fools and non-professionals bet on quantity, not quality. Just one wrong step is enough to understand that bigger isn’t always better. It’s cool that you have a broad audience, a lot of loyal customers, even more potential customers. How many of them interact with you? What do you change in your copy to make clients highly engaged? Does your statistic show, how many of your prospects have sent your message into spam folder before unsubscribing.

We have 3 tips for you to prevent a poor rep:

  • Never ever purchase an email list, even if it seems the only way to continue — you don’t know what emails do you receive, are they active or dormant, and their owners certainly did not express a desire to receive letters from you;
  • Starting your new campaign, just get rid of hard bounces — you can use an email verify service for this task;
  • Trim your list — you need to filter out dormant accounts who don’t communicate or interact with you. It’s better to have a small list of recipients, but engaged.

Check your sender information

First impression matters. Just imagine — you’ve used an email verification service to get rid of dormant accounts, prepared the fantastic newsletter with profitable discounts and offers, but your prospects didn’t even bother to open it. All efforts are wasted, but because of what? Your subject line? It surely matters, but we’ll tackle that next. Such aspect of email as your From Name is no less important. Nearly half of subscribers open a letter or put it into spam folder after reading the sender name. That’s why you need to be consistently in this issue.

The second moment — don’t send all the messages from the one address. You can separate them by purpose, use separate addresses, domains if you don’t want them to lose.

Follow win-win practices

Campaign Monitor tells that about 20% of initial recipients don’t complete the final stage. Registrations are thrown, shopping carts in online stores remain full, emails go straightly to spam folder. There are a lot of reasons why customers act in such way. They can’t find a convenient way to unsubscribe and you should provide them with it. You will definitely lose many people, but you won’t be like honey for bees to spambots, spam complaints and traps instead. You will lose them anyway, but being prudent, without prejudice to your reputation. That’s one more reason why you need to verify mailing list to avoid dormant subscribers.

Avoid spammy features

Have you received messages from Arab princes who need money, or rich relatives, living abroad, who want to support you until the end of life? Let us guess, as soon as you see trigger words in subject lines, the letter goes directly to spam. There are some suspicious words and milder ones, anyway, they’re destructive for emails and sender reputation.

In fact, the perfect solution for effective drip campaigns, email marketing has not yet come up. The most essential thing to remember when preparing an email is to offer the value. It is important to avoid patterns, evaluate the tastes and mood of your target audience, prepare email newsletter with this in mind.

Avoid capital letters or special characters in your subject line, as well as a lot of exclamation points. Using images, do not overdo it. It’s better not to attach files, who will open the file from the unfamiliar sender? Redirectors, such as or are also undesirable.

Follow your schedule

Incorrect sending patterns may seem suspicious. Spammers are often recognized by their volume, so huge increases may entail a higher level of control. Sometimes you volume can go over your general cycle and you need to ramp up slowly in this situation. Set a specific period and send letters evenly over it, not too fast and not too rare.

If you don’t send your messages regularly, people will easily forget about you. Do they have any reasons not to?

Tackle the several questions to save your emails from spam:

  • Do you consider your email list to be healthy?
  • Which top email validation services do you use?
  • Are you provided with an authoritative information about the sender?
  • Does your email contain triggering spam filters?
  • Is your send schedule agreed?

If your emails don’t reach the inbox, why did you ever send them?

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