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Email marketing may sound like an easy task. There is nothing difficult in writing and sending letters, isn’t? Just remember all the adorable emails you’ve received. Whenever you read them, it feels like copywriters or marketers wrote them so effortlessly. In fact, the situation is different and great copy requires effort and skills. But it costs nothing, if people don’t open and don’t read your emails. So what can you do with a low open rate?

So, you checked your last 10 reports on the engagement rate, and the open rate is far from what you’ve expected? And what about click-through rate? Oh, these results can force you to abandon your strategy and forget about drip campaigns. We understand how frustrating it can be, but don’t finish with the email marketing. There are some tips that can change the situation.

Your email list is a mess

Of course, unique and interesting copy matters, but that’s not enough. You can write fantastic and creative emails, but how can they help you if they don’t reach their subscribers?

How big is your email list at the moment? You can have 1,000 or 50,000 contacts in your list, but do you know, how many of them are valid? Do those addresses belong to bots or are real persons? If you’ve never used email validation web services, you most likely don’t have such information.

Even when you rely on best marketing practices and apply them to your letters, you won’t get rid of fake, dormant and invalid contact. Even if your database was extremely healthy at the beginning, within a year a huge part of it becomes inoperative without email hygiene services.

People always change their addresses, much more often than you could imagine. They leave their jobs, email providers and leave you with a dormant account. We can compare these addresses with deserted houses, there are nobody who can open the door, or your email. How can your open rates be good after that?

Don’t forget about bots, catch-all-emails, spam traps. These emails are harmful to your campaign, deliverability and reputation.

How can you keep your list in shape and increase your open rates? You definitely need an email validation tool. It is a system that can delete all the dormant addresses we mentioned above. You even don’t need to download any software, just upload your list on the mail lists verifier and verify email addresses. The benefits of using such tool are undeniable. Once your list becomes clean, more of your followers are going to see your letters, as your bounce rate will decrease. It can impact your sender score and land your emails not into the Spam but in inbox directly.

But it doesn’t mean you need to rely on email verification only. It is the important step, and maybe the most important, but along with content marketing.

How to create a great copy: it takes practice

Copywriting is a profession. Just like you need education to become a lawyer or a marketer, you need some skills to become a copywriter. And not only theoretical skills, practice matters most.

If you don’t have a lot of experience personally, you can hire a professional or do your best to gain it. The first step on this way is reading. Everything can help: books, newspapers, magazines, even signs and advertising. Master the storytelling, it is the main trend of the last years. If you know how to tell a story, you can implement that into your letters. And along with mail validation service, it will cause a significant increase in your rate.

If you need more, you can take a class from the best copywriter you know. There’re a lot of free classes online and you can leverage knowledge from them to your benefit. And even if some of them come with a price tag, they are going to pay off.

Also, the most useful advice: write. As much as you can, even if you’re not going to use that copy anywhere. Practice makes perfect, it really works. In time, your texts will sound better, your subject lines will become more intriguingly, and you’ll build a strong personal brand. All that you need to communicate with your subscribers. Don’t forget about A\B testing, as you never know what does your audience love. You can prepare one amazing newsletter for them, and they will fall in love with the other one, not such perfect from your point of view.

Just imagine - you’ve used email lists verifier and your list is extremely clean. The next step is to hold all that people, to make prospects your customers and to make customers your repeat clients. It isn’t easy, but you’ll tackle it investing your time and efforts. And the final result is going to exceed your expectations. We wish you good luck!

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