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Have you ever heard about the term “people-based marketing?” It’s impossible only if you completely fell out of the sphere for a while. However, let us give you a more in-depth definition, even if you guess what it describes.

People-Based Marketing

Think about your favorite coffee house. You may visit it every day, or only on Mondays, or several times a week and order the drink. Let’s imagine you love cappuccino and you always get a cup of one. A couple of weeks enough for barista to remember what you like and what you order usually. So you don’t feel surprised when he or she asks you: “As usual?” during your next visit. You respond “Sure” and they make it for you, while tempting you to try something else: “Would you also like to try out new macaroons? They’re perfect with cappuccino!”

Can you name at least one reason to refuse (only if you haven’t forgotten your purse and have money only for one cup of cappuccino)?

Your server already had an information about your preferences and was able to make an additional sale based on it. They invested time researching you and paying attention to your needs and wishes. As a result, they know what to offer you and they’re pretty sure you’ll like it. This is what we call people-based marketing:

  • getting to know your audience personal
  • gathering info and stats about them to create a customer’s profile;
  • come up with incentives and convert them in sales.

Of course, the coffee house in our example introduced their macaroons on the menu for a broader audience. But they targeted this offer to you - someone who drinks cappuccino and don’t mind trying something new. People-based marketing focuses on persons instead of groups. People love it when you show they matter, when you invest time to find a solution to their problem.

MARKETING is constant research and testing

If you’re going to change your approach, the first thing you need to consider - is you find your customers, the people who will support and promote your brand. You should try different channels and shouldn’t rely on proven methods. Some of them are outdated and will not show the proper result.

People use a lot of gadgets today. More than half of them check their email inbox on their smartphones. Also, they spend a lot of time just scrolling down their social media feeds, on tablets and phones. During work hours, they spend about 8 hours per day in front of a desktop.

How can this information help you? You can show ad not only in Insta, but in different social media and on different devices to the same customer. Prepare your message and spread it.

According to studies, men and women are equally likely to convert from a letter they open on desktop. Women have a greater chance of converting on a tablet, white men are more inclined to convert on a smartphone. Using people-based marketing gives you a chance to spread your copy across all channels and reach your prospect wherever they are. Don’t forget to use email verification tool, just to make sure you’re planning a people-based, not robot-based strategy.

It’s extremely important to study your repeat customers and your target audience. Their behavior online and offline may differ and you should be ready for that. It will help you to organize relevant marketing campaigns, based on their preferences, to personalize your ads and to succeed.

Email verifier matters

Now take a couple of minutes to think about how you log into your accounts. Whether it’s social media profile, personal bank account, or any other website. Surely you use your email account for that, and it’s one more proof how important is it. And that’s why email connects all the elements that make up the identity of your prospects and customers.

Invalid email addresses harm your drip campaign and marketing strategy. They wreak havoc on your bounce rate, sender reputation and prevent you from communicating with real people who are surely interested in your offers. Also, whenever such address ends up on your list, it becomes a missed link in the chain that connect your customer’s preferences across different channels.

The easiest and safest way to prevent this is using email hygiene services. It ensures you collect only valid leads and helps you set the communication with your audience. After that you can speak about important ads and marketing campaigns.

Once the email validation software made your list clean, make sure the situation will not change. That’s why you need to install an email verification API. It prevents typos, suggest possible options, save you from traps and abuse emails. Such software is important for boosting your campaigns and for crafting new strategies, people-based strategies.

Great marketing begins with email. It’s the direct way to understanding your audience and to creation a win-win strategy. Make an email address list verification your number one ally.

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