7 reasons to enforce email marketing

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7 Reasons to Enforce Email Marketing

Email marketing is an efficient tool to engage your target audience. IT is important to make personalized letters because people like more being addressed personally. Emails can be sent after the specified action of the user so that you can generate a proper call to action. There can be disclosed any topic for the letter - changes in your company, special offers discounts etc.

If you still doubt whether it is worth launching an email marketing campaign for your business here are 7 reason that can prove you the value of this tool.

E-mails Are Cost-Effective for Lead Generation

Of course, social media, context and other channels should be processed as well. However, when it comes to conversion rate and cost-effectiveness newsletters are out of competition.

High ROI and Low Costs

The obvious advantage of the email marketing is about lower costs and higher ROI when compared to usage of other channels. Though email marketing campaign needs to be estimated on the basis of the useful metrics. You need to monitor conversion rate and automate all that can be automated. Though, there are necessary expenditures for email address verification and sending, the ROI is so high that it is totally worthy.

However, you need to spend some time and efforts to provide a proper management and content generation for you newsletter. The more there are subscribers and mailing content for your business, the lower are the costs for making conversions.

Enforce Email Marketing

Customization and Segmentation

The best approach for the email marketing campaign for the small business is to conduct a proper segmentation of target audience and creating personalized content for each segment separately.

The thing is when you write a post in social network you address all your clients no matter which segment they belong to, so there is no opportunity for personalization. However, newsletter allows you to address each user or a group of users personally.

You need to develop criterias to make a proper segmentation - needs, location, previous actions, age, family status, profession etc. Thus, you need to make a detailed portrait of each client or group of clients. This is also important for you as a businessman at whole to know your client, not just for successful email marketing.

Your newsletter has to increase loyalty to your brand and shouldn’t look spammy. People treat letters as a spam when they get information which is not relevant to their interests and needs. After you make a segmentation remember that you need to be friendly in your letters all your clients and right targeting will make your letters valuable for clients.

Thus, make sure you gather useful data about your clients to make a proper segmentation.

Address Users That Like You

There are two common mistakes made by the businesses - they do not make email campaigns losing the chance to get in touch with clients that already like them, or they make pushy email campaigns that make clients irritated by the company. If you do not make an email marketing campaign among your clients you are up to lose the future sales and loyalty of people who are already satisfied by your services.

Motivate for Spontaneous Purchases

Proper newsletter can motivate a user to make spontaneous purchases. If you make a special offer after segmentation of clients that fits user’s needs you can see that during 24 hours after the letters are sent your sales rapidly grow. That is the effect that can hardly be reached with SMM or context campaigns. All you need to do is to make a selling CTA inside your letter.

Easy to Start and Abandon

Launching email marketing campaign is much easier than making a selling website or creating and leading an account in social networks. You do not need any technical skills or budget. Proper newsletter can be created on your own in several clicks. Just write a short text, add some media, make a list of your subscribers and go on. In case you need to re-consider the campaign you always can take a pause without any reputational risks.

Can Be Applied for the Majority of Goals

Have you ever noticed that not all of the letters you get from other businesses are selling you something? There is a good reason for that. Firstly, user gets irritated when he only get commercial letters without a valuable content. Secondly, newsletters can be used not only for making sales. It can also be a proper tool for gathering additional information about your clients, engagement of users to the event, etc.


Email marketing campaign can become a powerful driver for your business. It can either boost your sales or increase loyalty of your clients and even become the main sales channel. Do not ignore email marketing for small business if you want to get it all from your client base.

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